Disappointed with rental rates


I am expressing my disappointment on accommodation rental rates in Port Moresby.
It would be good if Housing and Urbanisation Minister John Kaupa engages property valuers to value rental accommodation before they are put on the market.
Many of the rental accommodation do not match the rental rates.
The exterior and the interior of the properties need to be valued before being put on the market.
Some do not even have white and brown goods.
Brown and white goods, if provided, are of low quality that does not last and are damaged within the tenancy period.
Electricity fittings and wiring are not properly done.
Maintenance is not done due to normal wear and tear of the property by the landlord.
The fencing is not safe.
The gates do not have locks.
The yard is not spacious enough for recreational activities.
The property is not in a secure area.
The property is not close to amenities.
Rental rates should match the quality of the accommodation.

Concerned Tenant