Let’s develop the North


I READ with interest the plan by National Government to build an international highway linking PNG with Indonesia.
It is an exciting initiative as it will open up the region.
It will become a vital link that will redirect our focus towards the northern and the national border regions of the country.
Currently most attention is given to the Southern region.
Port Moresby gets too much attention at the expense of the rest of the country.
I suggest tying up the highway with building of a super northern city, probably Vanimo.
Turning it into an economic and industrial hub of the region, similar to Port Moresby,  to cater for the highway development.
It will deviate and reduce the stress that is being put on Port Moresby and Lae.
It will balance the development of the nation.
Let’s redirect our attention by going north to the border, rather than south to Port Moresby.
Let’s develop the slogan, ‘Go North, Go lo Border’.