Distribute funds fairly or the people suffer

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013

 I ACKNOWLEDGE the current team in the Government under the leadership of Peter O’Neill for showing maturity. 

On the other hand, I give credit  to the members of the Opposition who, though few in numbers, have been been performing their check and balance roles well. 

Keep up the good work as you are doing it for the beautiful country we love. 

If opposition members and government ministers have differences over personal or national issues, it must not be shown in the distribution of funds for provincial or district support improvement programmes. 

It was sad to read in the papers a few weeks ago about opposition MPs not getting their funds. 

This is totally unfair and uncalled for. 

If the delay is deliberate, the Government surely must consider how many people are affected by this decision.

My appeal to Finance Minister James Marape and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is to take the words from the opposition members and the public as a challenge to your leadership rather than retaliate unnecessarily by delaying the people’s rightful funds. 

Such action only reflects an immature leadership. 

Other than that, Marape and O’Neill are doing fine jobs controlling the country’s revenue. 


David Kelma, Via email