Still nothing done about high income tax

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013

 ON behalf of wages and salary earners of PNG, Iā€ˆappeal to the Government about income tax issues. 

They are suffering in silence while the government turns a blind eye to them even though it preaches that it is a government for the people. 

With so much mining and oil and gas industries operating, they should be raking in the kina. 

Corrupt practices in the workplace would have also been reduced throughout the country. 

The issue of high taxes has been raised by concerned citizens well before the 2013 national budget was passed. But nothing has been allocated for this. 

Can FM100 organise a talkback panel regarding this so that citizens can air their views?

The Government does not seem to be reading letters from the public in our two dailies in the past few months.