Distribute services equally in Nawaeb


EQUAL distribution of services is the paramount responsibility of a leader.
Parts of Nawaeb such as Wain-Erap, Boana, Nabak, Bukawa and some areas near Lae have not been given much attention in the last four years.
Nawaeb people deserve government services.
There is no economic empowerment in the district.
Services in an electorate should be equally distributed.
As former Nawaeb MP, I see that most of the projects I initiated and established in the Boana, Wain-Wrap area and other parts of the district during my term in parliament were not improved.
There is a time to play politics and there is time for serious business to serve the people.
For the sake of the people by doing so a leader creates his/her own bench mark or a legacy as a leader during that period of time.
The services I brought to the people in the electorate were never aimed at a particular person or a group.
I did my best to be fair to everyone, even those who didn’t vote me.
I did my part to direct the Nawaeb development authority to implement services throughout the district.I ensured my constituents benefited from the services.
Goods and services from the Government belong to the people, irrespective of what or who they believe in.

Gisuwat Siniwin