Stop forcing people to get vaccinated


I AM not happy with the latest amendment measure 13 by the Pandemic Response Controller David Manning regarding domestic travel measures.
We cannot be forced into getting vaccinated.
The same Government said earlier that vaccination was not mandatory.
What is making them forcing people to get vaccinated?
Papua New Guinea is a democratic country.
We have the right to choose if we want to get vaccinated or not.
It seems the Government is using the Covid-19 pandemic to source outside funding to drive their agendas.
As a citizen, I am concerned and frustrated about the Government forcing us to get vaccinated in order to travel by air within PNG.
The Government has to justify why it is contradicting its previous statement.

Michael Ricky Guba


  • Ricky, you need to be educated to the facts about Covid! you are right PNG is a democratic country however as in Australia the Government can force people to get vaccinated and they are passing legislation to that effect.
    The new strain of Covid the Delta strain currently in Australia and spreading around the world is going to cause thousands of deaths if it ever gets into PNG! the new Delta Plus strain also from India is 60 percent more contagious than the Delta strain and is practically immune to Vaccines.
    The reason people have to be vaccinated is to stop this bloody covid from mutating as it keeps on doing, you will never be able to travel oversea if you are not vaccinated and as in the rest of the world countries that are not vaccinated will be banned from flying into other vaccinated countries, yes the corruption in your government sees the support monies they get for covid as more for them to steal but remember this, your founding father and all that have followed started this stealing and you have to live with it warts and all.
    Grow up and get vaccinated, do something for your country

  • Neville, so if the Covid Delta Plus Strain is 60% more contagious and is practically “IMMUNE TO VACCINES”, then why wasting time taking vaccines when knowing that either way we are vulnerable.

    Going back to Ricky’s statement, I believe brother Ricky has read the article about domestic travel and is referring to that.

    Shutting down the international gates temporarily should be an option.

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