District committee prepares Finschhafen for developments

Lae News, Normal


FINSCHHAFEN district in Morobe province is set to see major developments, thanks to the  commitment made by the members of the joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDP&BPC).
A total of K25,000 had been allocated for the Burum Kuat LLG for the maintenance of an existing road form Kuat River to Kin River which was carried out by the locals.  
The 27km road was maintained through bush cutting, drainage, pothole patching and clearing away of ground left from landslides.
Burum Kuat LLG president Dicks Iwong said the road would now enable the villagers to travel more easily to schools, markets and health centres.
He said another K500,000 for road project maintenance work would be carried out beginning at the Pindiu Hube LLG to the Ogeranang Burum Kaut LLG.
Mr Iwong said K200,000 for renovation and maintenance of the Orgerang health centre had been approved by JDP&BPC and work would commence in June.
He said the health centre was a priority project as it would enable better service delivery.
Other minor projects include setting up of a K100,000 mini-hydro plant at Sagiro and building of a K160,000 double classroom for Mindik Primary School.
Last month, the Burum Kuat LLG also received 10 lawn mowers, 10 grass cutters and six diesel drums at a cost of K30,000.
Mr Iwong said the equipment would be used to clear out the airstrip that has been so badly kept, making it impossible for light air crafts to land.
He thanked the chairman Theo Zurenuo and members of JDP&BPC for approving these
projects and expressed that this would be a major development boost for the people of Finschhafen district.