District partners with CPL to secure market for farmers


THE Kundiawa-Gembogl district is supporting agriculture by ensuring farmers can have a market for their produce, says MP William Onglo.
Onglo was in Port Moresby on Friday to witness the first load of Santana potatoes sold at Stop N Shop outlets.
“Getting farmers, setting up cluster groups, training them, setting up cooperatives, producing our own seedlings, keeping quality and bringing the produce to the city is a big challenge for us. We have been working on it for three years.”
He thanked Ajay Patel and Sir Mahesh Patel of the City Pharmacy Ltd for dealing directly with the farmers in the village.
“It is very good for us to work together.
“We can produce everything – even our own rice.
“It is (about) putting some time and resources, investment into it.
“I am proud and happy to partner with CPL Group. We will make sure that our container comes in every week.
“The money goes back to the people. If we are getting K30,000 to K40,000 a week back to the people, that money is going back to the people to build houses, have better lives.”
Sir Mahesh said CPL was proud to continue supporting local farmers.
CPL category manager produce Rosemary Leo said there were about 67 cooperative groups that supply Santana potatoes.