Do not lose hope, you’ll still get a job


SECURING a job is indeed a struggle.
I sympathise with writer K Tsiolkovsky whose letter appeared on Aug 30 in The National.
He wrote about his stressful struggle in searching for a job to achieve his dreams and support his parents who had supported him all along.
Young man, you are not alone in this world.
Many like you are struggling to find formal employment.
Your struggle is a global issue.
There are thousands, if not millions like you out in the streets looking for jobs.
Do not give up, keep persisting.
It depends on the type of course that you studied in university or college.
It would be wise for you to further enhance yourself with a relevant technical vocational and education and training to boost your university degree.
This would give you a better opportunity of securing employment.
Remember, Jesus said a person that had faith as small as the seed of mustard could move mountains of problems.

Daniel Angiwe,