Do not sweep NPF inquiry under the carpet

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

ALL commissions of inquiry held since independence have been funded by taxpayers’ money.
This includes the 1998 inquiry into the National Provident Fund (NPF).
It is in the public and taxpayers’ interest to know the progress of the inquiries, recommendations and what actions have been taken.
A government is accountable to the people.
Progressive reports must be made available to the public.
The NPF inquiry is no different from any other inquiries commissioned by the government.
Millions of kina belonging to workers from the private sector were lost and justice is what those aggrieved want.
Why should those who de­frauded NPF walk away freely with no remorse for the pain they caused on those workers, who lost 15% of their savings to protect their superfund?
Before anyone tries to discard this as outdated, I have a simple question: Should thieves walk away freely?
When a hungry youth steals a packet of biscuits, he would be bashed up and jailed.
But the elites who stole hundreds of  thousands of kina are allowed to walk away free.
We have waited for 10 years but no progressive report was made available to the public.
Is there any sense of accountability and justice?
Hopes are pinned on the firebrand opposition leader to take this fight head-on because justice must prevail.

Aggrieved worker
Via email