Doctor: Inspire each other rather than criticise Covid-19 response

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PEOPLE should use existing technology to inspire each other rather than criticising the Covid-19 response, a doctor says.
Dr Uma Ambi, the acting director of the directorate of social change and mental health, said criticising tended to create a negative mindset.
She said the continuous harbouring of negative thoughts caused the body’s immunity to drop, which could create more mental and physical health issues.
“Criticising other people will not help you,” she said.
“Rather than criticising others, look at your own life and try to see if there is an area that needs to be changed and start changing. If you must stay at home, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”
She urged people to have a proper diet, adequate sleep, exercise and to keep in contact with friends and family.
She said the Covid-19 was “an opportunity to change for the better”.
“If you are a Christian, pray and read your Bible and spend time with your Creator. Whatever your religion is, change your attitude in line with your faith.
“Choose the right activities that suit you with the goal of changing your attitude in line with your faith. This is the time to build your mental immunity and become resilient.”


  • Commending you for your words of wisdom and sense of positivism and praying for you all that God will be with all in what you are doing.

  • Ambhi must look herself in the mirror first how she gossups and criticizes her own health colleagues behind their backs.

    I have lost professional respect for her given her double tongue. She appears good in the public but at the back as few colleagues, we know how ruthless and incessant she is with gossips

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