Don’t attack my family


I NOTED “Concerned Morobean’s” letters in our two daily newspapers regarding my letters.What constitutes conflict of interest? To me, there is no conflict of interest as alluded by the writer of that article. But I thank him for his personal attack on the Napo family out of pure jealousy.To attack my family and residency status is a cheap shot. I want the writer to know that the Napo family owns a permanent H90 house at ward 15 of Buang local level government in Bulolo, Morobe, and I have been living here since 2017. The writer’s assumption that I was a permanent Port Moresby is wrong. I invite him to come visit me if he is man/woman enough instead of all the rubbish allegations on the media just to tarnish my family name. I also admit that Napo family did own a family house at Gerehu Stage 3 in the National Capital District (NCD), but what is wrong with that? The writer has no right to query my family status and private life.My friend forgot that I was once a senior public servant, serving almost 20 years with the Department of Justice and Attorney General before I resigned to enter politics. His/her statement that I live in NCD and only go to Morobe to contest elections and go back to NCD every now and then clearly proves the type of person he/she is.People like him/her sit and dream as all briefcase carriers do. They post allegations without any evidence, research and proof.If the writer was concerned enough as he/she claimed to be, it’s best he/she reveals his/her name. What are you afraid of?My friend, you can go and tell Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu to replace me as deputy chairman of Morobe Resources Holdings Ltd at any time. I d not base my family life on political appointments and handouts. The writer knows nothing about Morobe people’s problems and suffering throughout the nine districts. My advice to you to keep carrying the briefcases and saying “yes boss” all your life. You have seen fit to lay personal attacks on Buang LLG president and my son, Yang Napo, who has nothing to do with your personal attack on me. Yang is not a board member of MRHL and he has never sat at a board meeting since 2019. Of course, I am the current deputy chairman of the Morobe government’s business arm (MRHL), unless if the provincial executive council removes me and pays my four years outstanding contracts. For public information, it was the Saonu and the provincial executive council that appointed me as the deputy chairman of MRHL and I am also director of a few other Morobe government business arms. The writer should know that I know everything about the Morobe government’s business arm Kum-Gie and Morobe Sustainable Investments Ltd.I am a true Morobean and I will continue to fight corrupt practices and mismanagement in Morobe and Papua New Guinea. I am not a political adviser or private consultant to the office of Morobe governor or Morobe administration. I can’t go around advising people unless if asked to do so. For public information, I have tried my best to discuss many Morobe issues with the governor and the administration but that went against brick walls. I ask the writer to take over my job anytime and do better than I am. MRHL management hires vehicles for me as deputy chairman to travel up and down between Buang LLG and Lae since 2019. These are my entitlements as deputy chairman of MRHL.I also send a friendly note to my brother Saonu to learn from the mistakes of former Morobe governors and sack some of his briefcase carriers who are only sticking with him for their daily bread and butter.

Samson C Napo,
Former Bulolo MP,
Ward 15 Buang LLG