Don’t depend on your job, get creative


GOVERNMENT and private organisations will not build your retirement home.
The Government will not reduce personal income tax any time soon and corruption seems as if it is not going away soon.
The Government will not pay for your children’s education.
It definitely will not provide social benefits like what other countries are doing.
Do not become slaves to the Government’s free handouts and cargo cult mentality.
This cargo cult mentality has brainwashed people.
It is causing people to sit and wait for good things to come from elected officials.
They say they care about you and your future but it is only to solicit support for a few to benefit.
Tomorrow, when you leave your job, things will be challenging.
Use your limited resources, God-given hands and talents to do things for yourself.
Never depend on anyone to give you a kina or save your day.
The only way up is to use your skills and talents while you are young and able to create something for yourself.
Start small; do not be confined to your paid job.
Do something for an extra income.
Your degree is only good for job performance, try use your skills and talents to go further.
I have read about two Boeing pilots losing their jobs during the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
Most have become delivery men.
Get your hands dirty on handy jobs on weekends or on your free time.
You can earn some good within a year rather than working till retirement to get your entitlements.
Whether you will enjoy your entitlements or not, it all depends on the Lord.
History has shown us that the corrupt and their cronies have benefited while the hardworking and honest people have paid the price only to be rewarded with high taxes and failed health and education systems.
No one cares about your future; it is only you who can make a difference for yourself.
Plan for retirement and retire early.
Do not be too confined.
Avoid having the false sense of security with paid jobs.
You can be replaced tomorrow when things turns sour.
Be your own boss.
Do not let others use you to help themselves without helping you.
You can live a better life if you work hard.
I have seen lip services provided to people for kickbacks to benefit a few with millions of kina.
Own your circle and see yourself as someone who can make a difference in society to help others by empowering them and build themselves.
Like the Chinese proverb says: “Don’t give bread to a hungry man. Tomorrow he will still knock at your door, teach him how to fish and give him fishing net that he will eat for the rest of his life.”

Morris Samuga

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