Don’t entertain corrupt officials


HOW can Prime Minister James Marape and his deputy Sam Basil declare to take back PNG and make us the richest black Christian nation when they continue to allow corruption at high levels?
Papua New Guineans are beginning to doubt Marape’s leadership.
There are few ministers and bureaucrats in the Government today who have bad records in the past and the prime minister is aware of that but continues to entertain them in his cabinet and high offices.

Samson C Napo
Buang LLG


  • This man from Bulolo is correct. You are absolutely Right. PM JM can say one thing and do another thing the next day. Our hopes are easing now seeing the corrupt people (MPs, Departmental Heads, CEOs, who have bad records still being entertained by JM. HOW CAN JM take back PNG when there is corruption in his Government?

  • Absolutely correct SM. Why do we continue to entertain this people with crooked background who have been continuously exposured on thier deals. PM JM we have all the trust and hope in your leadership. Please remove those implicated or it is too hard??

  • Perfectly correct, PM JM must be action in whatever he speaks. One good example is the wife of Douglas Tomeresia with their court case going and yet he appoint her back to work at DPM or Govt office. This is not right with other top heads with little allegations and nothing to do with the office but still waiting for the court case to be complete. Be fare to everyone and not self interested…..

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