Don’t use social media to defame people


THIS is a general observation on the use of social media, especially Facebook, by certain interest groups and individuals to drive perceived or real agenda against a government, private entity or individuals.
It is very stressful for those implicated mischievously to waste their time and energy to refute but also serves good for those who deserve it as well.
It is sometimes hypocritical for some former MPs and their agents to use social media or mainstream media to question and display acquittals of budgeted public funds released under specified trust deeds in total compliance with the approved National Executive Council project scope and factored in the budgetary appropriation.
It is highly hypocritical for some of those who may have benefited through third-party arrangements under the failed K400 million National Agriculture Development Plan funds paid to paper farmers to draw parallel and question some legitimate projects implemented according to its defined scope and not what is perceived on Facebook.

Observer, NCD

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