Don’t waste your life away


BETWEEN the ages of 11 and 25 of one’s life is usually called the “excitement stage”.
Many young people want to experiment with different things such as alcohol, sex, cigarettes and even marijuana.
Let us never forget that we only have one life to live.

It really saddens me to see a lot of young people who were once straight ‘A’ students roaming the streets all because of a wrong choice.
Many young girls are getting pregnant when they are not ready for motherhood.
Many mental health problems are also coming up.
So if you are a young person reading this, consider the fact that you only have one life to live – you either live to the fullest or play around with it.
Never forget that the future is not created by what you do tomorrow but what you do today.
Your choices today will determine whether you will succeed tomorrow.
There is no other way around.
Many times, as young people, we like to live a secret life, hiding from our parents and teachers while behaving mischievously.
Never forget that it is not your parents’ future that you are playing with but your own.
Wake up young people!
Take life seriously.
Many dreams are dying inside our young people.
Many potentials are unused.
All because children decided to make wrong decisions.
A hundred elderly people were asked on their death beds what was their life’s biggest regret was and most of them said they regretted not the things they did but the things they did not do.
They regretted the time they wasted, the talents they had but did not use, the books they had in mind but never wrote, the dreams they had but never accomplished.
So please, now that you are still breathing, will you waste that greatness in you or make use of your time?

Glen Burua