Dr Morauta meets family

Lady Roslyn Morauta (in the hat) meeting the family and relatives of her late husband Sir Mekere at a private family meeting on Monday. – Pictures supplied

DR JAMES Morauta and Lady Roslyn met with family and relatives at the 15-Mile block outside Port Moresby on Monday.
The meeting was organised by Lady Roslyn and the family to enable Dr James to meet and spend time with his Kukipi and Uritai family before returning to Australia.
Dr James left for Canberra yesterday.
Lady Roslyn on the other hand will be in Port Moresby for some time.
Both had escorted the late Sir Mekere’s casket from Brisbane, a week ago.
After being in quarantine for seven days, they participated in the state funeral which included the laying in state in Parliament, funeral service and the burial at Independence Hill.

Dr James Morauta at the 15-Mile Block outside Port Moresby where he met his family and relatives from Kukipi and Uritai after a very long time. – Pictures supplied

Family spokesman James Evera told The National that everyone was happy to see Dr James and Lady Roslyn.
“It was a private family meeting during which everyone got the opportunity to personally meet Dr James and Lady Roslyn,” he said.
“We used this avenue to appeal to them both not to forget us but to return to our people.
“Even if we no longer have Sir Mekere, we urged them to return to the block that he had purchased for us,” Evera said.
Molly Laba, a cousin of Sir Mekere, said it was an opportunity for all the family members to meet Dr James before he returned to Australia.
“We knew Dr James when he was a small boy growing up but we have not seen him for a long time until the death of his father,” she said.
“We were all happy to meet him and Lady Roslyn at the block.
“It was heartbreaking for us seeing them turning up without Sir Mekere, our brother and leader,” Laba said.
Dr James and Lady Roslyn assured the people that they would not be forgotten.
They would be there for them and would do what Sir Mekere wanted.
Dr James particularly was emotional when leaving the family but he told them he would be back.