Dr Talei contributes to architecture book


THE architectural discipline leader of Kramer Ausenco Pacific Ltd, Dr Charmaine ‘Ilaiu Talei, has received her publication of Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet after contributing two chapters to the book.
The two chapters are Timber and Palm Vernacular of Tonga and Navala and Lau Bure of Fiji.
The chapters emerge from the initial stages of her PhD investigations of early Tongan and Fijian architecture.
Dr Talei conducted research through field work, archives and ethnographic studies to understand how Fijian and Tongan people currently and previously built using local natural materials.
Topics on the chapters include resilient architecture against climate change, continuation of traditional knowledge and promoting Pacific economies.
“My PhD suggests as designers we can invent new building materials and technologies that could be used by Pacific people to make their environmentsm,” Dr Talei said.
Publishing company Thames and Hudson described the publication as an ambitious and important book created following years of research by an international multidisciplinary team comprising of more than 140 academics, climatologists, economists, anthropologists, botanists, architects, engineers, scientists and researchers.

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