Dressing provokes rape, pastor says

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The National, Monday February 24th, 2014

 A CHURCH pastor has blamed the rape of some women on the way they dress.

Pastor Nicholas Konia of the Assembly of God Church told a men’s forum in Western Highlands to discuss gender violence that women should avoid dressing provocatively.

“I see a lot of women, including school girls with close fitting clothes exposing their body shape,” he said.

“That is ridiculous and tempt men to rape them.”

More than 40 men from sectors in Western Highlands attended the forum to discuss gender issues and how to prevent violence against women. 

It is an initiative of the non-government organisation Family Health International. Apolls Yambak from the Provincial AIDS Council said the country was riddled with social issues affecting the lives of people.

“For instance, if a girl or woman walks past men, we must regard them as our daughters or sisters and not harass them,’’ he said.

“It is time for us to change our mind-set. Social problems will not go away unless we change our attitude.”

Yimbak said women were considered by some men as material things such as those they bought from stores.

“That practice is rife in the highlands,’’ he said.

Yimbak said it was wrong because women should enjoy the same rights as men.