Duma given wrong information

Letters, Normal

The National,Friday23 December 2011

I REFER to Tuesday’s parliament session where the petroleum minister touch­-
ed on Juha PDL 9.
The minister is confused over the location of Juha.
It is located in North Fly district of Western. 
He said Juha has three wellheads in Southern Highlands and two in Western.
This is wrong as all five wellheads are in Western and one is dry.
Someone must have given minister William Duma wrong information (“Duma ad­vises clan”, The National Dec 21).
The five wellheads are all in the vicinity of Fembi customary land.
The Fembi people are the genuine landowners of Juha.
There are no Fembi people living in Southern Highlands.
We, the Fembis, call the Koroba people the Sinalis and Lake Kopiago people the Dunas and Pokaiyas, and the guys at Hides 4 and Komo the Tugubas.
John Wabi Sara is the chief of Wuo clan and he is the leader of Juha PDL 9 in Western.
For Duma’s information, the social mapping was conducted by his department and only 12 clans in Fembi were identified.

Frank Neobia