Duo deny claims by Malaysian nabbed in Moresby last week

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The National, Friday, June 3rd 2011

TWO Asian business partners have refuted claims by a Malaysian man who alleged that he was unlawfully arrested at Jackson International Airport and detained by police when he arrived from Singapore last week. 
Vijindran Subramaniam of Kampar, Perak state, claimed he was arrested by police and locked up for no good reason.
He also claimed police were acting in favour of a Singaporean man and an Indian woman.
The Singaporean, Roshan Sunny, is the managing director of Universal Steel Corporation.
He claimed Subramaniam was arrested and charged with misappropriation and the matter was pending in court.
Sunny said Subramaniam was his employee who, allegedly, betrayed him and his business partners and misappropriated more than K300,000 while employed as a director looking after international operations in their subsidiary company, Trinity Traders Ltd, based in Buka, Autonomous Region of Bougainville.  
He said Subramaniam misused monies that were sent to him for the company’s operations and as a result, the company went into closure due to shortage of funds. 
He said Subramaniam had escaped to Singapore when police tried to arrest him, adding his recent arrest was based upon earlier complaints.
He said Subramaniam’s arrest at Jackson International Airport was proper and was carried out by police criminal investigations division.
Sunny said Subramaniam’s allegations of being brutality assaulted and losing personal properties worth K20,000 were misleading as police were acting on a warrant of arrest issued by the Waigani committal court when Subramaniam failed to turn up in court and went into hiding.
Sunny said the matter was pending in court and for Subramaniam to throw misleading statements in the media was not proper and could be further charged with contempt.
On Wednesday, the Waigani committal court further adjourned Subramaniam misappropriation matter to July 1.
Several orders were issued by the court for Subramaniam not to leave Port Moresby, and should report to the district court every Monday to indicate his presence.