Eastern Highlands has not progressed

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 9th, 2012

I WILL not be surprised if many of the incumbent MPs are voted out.
This is because many of them did nothing for the people in the past five years.
They have virtually done nothing to bring tangible development or ser­vices to the people.
Instead, many are said to have swindled and squandered millions of kina allocated for development.
We have seen many recycled leaders and candidates who are past their use-by dates still contesting.
What a shame.
The basic infrastructure in many of our provinces have deteriorated.
This include my pro­vince and our once beautiful Goroka town  has li­terally gone to the pigs due to their negligence.
We now see pigs running allover the place sca­venging for food.
The ordinary people have suffered enough.    

Tru-Aveh Lavakave