Educated leaders needed


THE ward member positions in the country are not for illiterates anymore.
It is for educated people for the benefits of the people of all the wards.
Before anyone decide whether to nominate for the 2019 local-level government-council elections, they must adequately understand the development aspiration of the country by the national government to find ways to bring it down to the village level.
Local level governments are the third level of government in the country, elected ward members must adequately work together with the national and provincial government to achieve the development aspiration of the country.
We the people have to now elect highly educated councillors who will know and understand the national development plans like the vision 2050 to effectively develop their respective wards.
We have for a long time elected illiterate villages based on their village statuses and this has not helped many of the wards in the country in terms of development.
Ward members are elected leaders who are with the people on the ground and know the basic needs of the people; MP’s must work closely with them and listen to them.
We (electors) must now elect well educated and honest people to the ward positions who will work closely with the national government to provide basic services to the people at the ward level.
The LLG presidents and lord mayors must be also be by filled by educated individuals so that they can all work together with one interest to benefit the people.
I urged the people to elect your ward members wisely during the 2019 LLG elections.

Sinasina, Chimbu

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