Education key to development

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The National, Wednesday 8th May 2013

 EDUCATION is at the heart of every nation as it strives to develop, Bank of Papua New Guinea deputy governor Benny Popoitai said.

Popoitai, who attended the Divine Word University open day on May 5, also commended efforts of the university in complementing the government’s Vision 2050.

He said the university continued to develop on various aspects in line with the government’s long-term objectives.

He specifically pointed out the external audit of DWU which the university initiated and was successfully completed in 2011 purposely to assess its progress, on its path towards achieving global academic standard.

“Internal audit is an investment worth funding.”

He said such increased positive perceptions from stakeholders and partners who continue to support the university.

“Higher education (in PNG) will reach global standards in the next five years,” he added.

Popoitai also announced BPNG’s commitment of K5,000 to the university for the upcoming annual business ethics symposium in September.

Popoitai also indicated the bank’s future support for DWU.

“We are looking at sponsoring programmes in banking and financing, and that is a symbol of confidence in Divine Word University,” he said.

Meanwhile, DWU President Fr Jan Czuba said the university was content to be on the right track despite setbacks.

“The higher education sector is going through serious changes, but in 2016 we will reach international standard in this university,” Czuba said.