Education officials deleting ‘non-genuine’ teachers

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EDUCATION officials in Eastern Highlands are deleting “non-genuine” teachers from their records, according to provincial education adviser Thomas Jonduo, pictured.
He has advised district education managers, school inspectors and church education secretaries to ensure teachers posted to their particular schools were at work.
Jonduo said they wanted to find out if the teachers who had filled in their resumption of duty forms in January were actually teaching.
He said this would help them eliminate the teachers on their list but had not turned up in school.
“Many teachers have their names on the posting list but are not actually in the school,” he said.
“They continue to get salaries but are not teaching.
‘They will automatically be terminated.”
He said these teachers would be sacked because they were not concerned about children’s education.
“I urged the 4000 teachers in Eastern Highlands in elementary, primary, high/secondary schools and vocational schools to live up to the oath they swore to, and uphold the teaching profession,” he
Jonduo also called on teachers to uphold their code on dressing and attitude as they were role models to students.
“We have already terminated 60 teachers since 2017 for bad attitude and not upholding the teachers’ code of ethics,” he said.

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