EHP begins climate change awareness

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EASTERN Highlands has already started its awareness campaign on the effects of climate change and global warming this month.
Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith launched the campaign last week by donating new tractors to assist locals with their food preparation efforts.
The province’s agriculture and livestock division commenced the six-week campaign in Daulo this week followed by Goroka, Unggai-Bena, Lufa, Okapa, Henganofi, Kainantu and Obura-Wonenara.
The division, in collaboration with the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI), hosted a one-day session on climate change where senior provincial and district administration officers and other stakeholders attended.
The awareness was intended to help decision-making authorities to prepare for the worse by planning, allocating budget, put in ideas about mitigation processes and create awareness throughout the province.
Teams were out in the districts informing people on the causes and effects of climate change and global warming and mitigation efforts.
In this exercise, the people would also be encouraged to prepare themselves when extreme weather forecasts of drought, frost and landslips in the years ahead hit.
Team leader Bubia Muhuzo said it was important that the government and other stakeholders inform the people of the current weather patterns and the changes occurring in the word today.
He said people were already experiencing the effects of climate change and food security and was important for everyone to work together.