EHP needs a patriotic politician

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, April 28, 2011

EASTERN Highlands was once known as the most peaceful province and vi­sitors were free to move around.
But then corruption crept in and it lost its highlands paradise status.
Problems are here to stay but we can devise strategies to minimise them.
One of the effective measures to fight all forms of corruption and law and order in EHP is to install strong and corporative political unit or “EHP law and order task force” among the governor and the nine MPs.
Despite the political differences, I believe this task force can respond quickly to the law and order-related problems and work toget­her to find a solution.
Currently, many MPs are more interested to build their own empires at the expense of their electorates.
As a public servant in one of the most remote districts in EHP, I had expe­rienced pushing, pulling and lifting vehicles at some points instead of transporting us safely to our destinations as expected.
Then I was posted in Goroka town for a while and this stint also brought another challenge to me – fear of street terrorists.
Street terrorists in Goroka drove fear among the common people and fo­reign investors, and they are now breeding like rabbits.
So far, nothing has been done to get rid of these criminal elements.
Where is the co-operation between Governor Mal Kela-Smith and Goroka MP Thompson Harokaqveh?
EHP has not changed much in the last 10 years.
In fact, it has gone from good to bad.
EHP badly needs politicians with only one motive – to serve the people.
EHP desperately needs someone who has a patrio­tic heart, someone who can bring back the lost identity.


Joboy Aporealist
Beijing, China