Electrification project doing well

National, Normal


WORK to bring electricity supply to Gumine in Simbu province is progressing smoothly.
Power supply has reached Moromaule village where power lines would be extended to Gumine, Sipagul, Gaima, Karilmaril, Onule, Neragaima and Omkalai villages.
According to the Gumine district administration, Gumine MP Lucas Dawa had funded more than K500,000 for the extensions.
The extension from Moromaule to Omkalai to Dirima and further on to Gumine station would cost K200,000.
The extension work from Moromaule to Karilmaril and further on to Neragaima, including Genabona Village, would cost another K200,000.
Specific allocations for extensions to other villages and communities were not made available to The National on Monday.
Mr Dawa’s district services improvement programme (DSIP) released the funding through his joint district budget and priority committee.
A counterpart funding of K100,000 to the projects was provided by Simbu Governor Fr John Garia.
It was reported that a senior PNG Power officer for rural electrification accompanied Fr Garia on Monday to visit some of the project sites in Gumine.
Towards north, Simbu Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Joe Mek Teine provided K250,000 to extend the Gembogl rural electrification from Duglpagl village.
The power supply reached the Goglme Catholic mission and would be extended to Gembogl station on to Mt Wilhelm High School at the foot of Mt Wilhelm.