Eluh appointment welcomed


THE National Executive Council has appointed a firebrand police officer in Thomas Eluh to the post of Southern Highlands’ provincial administrator.
Southern Highlands’ civil administration is in chaos after the 2017 general election.
Appointing a veteran police officer to fix up the place and restore some semblance of order is most welcomed.
Thomas Eluh cannot fix up everything in the three months that he has been appointed.
Bringing some semblance of order and setting the stepping stone for restoration is all that is required of him.
National Executive Council should set up a clearly defined terms-of-reference for Eluh to work on a performance-based contract.
The TOR should set out what Eluh is supposed to do.
Set a clear timeframe with measurable and quantifiable outcomes.
For example, manpower audit and the corresponding payroll audit, etc.
Eluh should assemble credible people within the scope of this TOR to assist him deliver to Government expectations.
The people to appointment should have a ‘bird’s eye view’ of Southern Highlands.
In other words, they out be from outside the provincial administration.  Eluh must not go far to seek help.
He has credible and reputable police officers like Supt Joseph Tondop to seek help.

Yapi Akore
Southern Highlands