Embassy donates books to UOG


The United States Embassy has donated two boxes of books to the University of Goroka library.
Vice-Chancellor Musawe Sinebare, in accepting and thanking the embassy for its ongoing support through books, said it was a timely contribution.
Sinebare said it came at a time when the library was going through transitional changes via information and communications technology at the university to have accessibility to e-books online.
“I have made the statement that if ever all academic staff were to write 20 books each, we would still not fill this library,” Sinebare said. “Some of us have yet to start writing. I have yet to write 10 books. I have only written eight books.”
Deputy Librarian Joe Nom said such partnerships fostered since inception of the now university from its humble beginnings as a teachers’ college, more than 350 books had so far been given by the US Embassy.
“Currently we have the K4K Library Project with DHERST (Department of Higher Education Research Science and technology) and AusAid, where a total of K500,000 should be contributed by both UOG and DHERST, totalling K1 million for book purchase,” he said.
“The talks are progressing as our current IT systems need to be upgraded and on par, similar to the DWU (Divine Word University, Madang) setting, where, almost everything is accessible online.”
Nom said with DHERST supporting UOG, in getting “our IT problems sorted”, then the reality of having e-books online for study and research purposes would be a reality.
At the moment, the Steven Eka Library is using the ‘Liverty’ management system to operate its data.

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