Employers should inform staff about vaccination: Official


EMPLOYERS should inform their staff why it is necessary to get the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination, then allow them to decide for themselves, an official says.
Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) Council president Des Yaninen was commenting on the National Capital District Commission’s (NCDC) ultimatum to its staff to get vaccinated by Nov 1 or be taken off the payroll. “I commend NCDC for its proactive stance,” he said. “Employers have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of their employees.
“When advocating a treatment, all employers must inform its employees why they believe it is necessary and allow them to choose for themselves.
“Many may want more time to evaluate their options so instead of terminating them, allow them to take leave, whether it is long service leave, leave without pay, etc.
“Working from home is also an alternative. What employees need more awareness on is medical exemptions.
“When is someone exempt from the vaccine?” He said employees with existing medical conditions that may be worsened by the jab, or were pregnant or breast-feeding, should be advised by their employers to seek advice from their doctors and to obtain a written statement either requesting for medical exemption from the vaccine or otherwise.
“Written medical advice on a case-by-case basis to get vaccinated or not will be useful to both the employee and employer.”