PM blames complacency for Covid-19 situation


PRIME Minister James Marape has blamed complacency for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation the country now finds itself in, saying the Government is determined to stop it spreading.
He also said K74 million had been distributed to all provincial health authorities last year but the Government was yet to receive from them their plans on the funding.
“We had the foresight (that the Covid-19) would blow up in our face,” Marape said.
“We, however became complacent and thought we were super human beings.
“Now the Government is focused on stopping the increasing (Covid-19 cases and deaths).”
He said Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey had allocated K5.6 billion to the Covid-19 response and the economic stimulus.
“We gave the provincial health authorities (PHAs) K4.4 million (plus) K200,000 to start work on the Covid-19 – with the exception of the Port Moresby General Hospital.
“The second disbursement was K37 million. Everyone got a share.”
He said Australia gave K22.25 million, Covax K5 million, New Zealand K5.9 million and the World Health Organisation K600,000.
“So in total, K74 million was distributed to all PHAs since 2020,” Marape said.
“If we add the K500,000 to each district for the Wash programme, that is another K60 million going to the PHAs.
“You are looking at K200 million been transferred to the PHA systems throughout the country.
“On top of this is the K1 million agriculture interventions.”
He said plans were underway to improve the healthcare system.