Employment project helps youths apply for skills jobs

Youth & Careers

MORE than 454 youths graduated under the Papua New Guinea National Capital District Commission urban youth employment project to apply for jobs.
Deputy project manager for NCDC urban youths Mathias Liu said youths were certified with skills jobs certificate after basic life skills training and 40 days of labour intensive employment and 15 days extended skills work for 6 months.
Liu said so far 11,000 youths were given the skills to find a job and minimise poverty, increase employment, human capital development and provide social stability.
He said the training provided a short-to-medium term income bridge to help ensure social stability, create temporary employment opportunities and alleviate poverty before they used their skills to find jobs elsewhere.
“Large number of poor unemployed youths got employed through the six months training.”
Tia Maso, one of the graduates said he had done many skills jobs within the six moths training that enabled him to learn a lot of skills.
He learnt skills on construction including bricklaying, building footpaths, walk-ways, and building flowerbeds in the city for beautification.
“I am planning to apply to one of the construction companies in the city,” he said.
Former prisoner and Pastor Philip Vaki said youths were viable assets in the city, community and the country.
Vaki said many youths underestimated their own potentials.
“And that is why their understanding becomes their own barrier to become someone that God has created them to be and be useful in the community for development of the society,” he said.
He encouraged the youths who graduated to apply for jobs using their certificate.

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