EMTV airs Japanese animation movie series

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

TICO & Friends, a Japanese television animation series will now be televised in the country.
A statement from the Embassy of Japan said the first episode started on Friday (June 17) on EMTV and will go into next month.
“Tico & Friends depicts an adventure of an 11-year-old girl, Namani and her closet companion, Tico.
“Namani and her father, Scott, boards ‘Peperoncino’ as they search for the legendary luminous whale.
“As they travel the seven seas, they learn about the relationships between humans and nature and the importance of friends and family,” the embassy stated.
The statement said airing of the Japanese animation series is a first of its kind which marks a milestone event in the history of Japan-Papua New Guinea relations.
“The Embassy of Japan believes that it will definitely give the people of Papua New Guinea a deeper understanding and great insight into Japanese pop culture and way of life, thus promoting cultural exchanges and continuing the good relations between Japan and Papua New Guinea.”
It is the first time a Japanese movie series will be aired by a local television in Papua New Guinea that would help to maintain the relationship between the two countries.