ENB admin plans to revive expo


EAST New Britain administration through its division of education is looking at reviving the education expo, an officer says.
Provincial education guidance officer Ruth Copeland said the 2021 expo was from Tuesday to Thursday and saw an influx of students, beginning with Kokopo and Pomio schools followed by Rabaul and Gazelle students.
She said since its inception in 2006, the education exposition, which was known as the ENB school career expo, was financed by the schools in the province, but the programme ended in 2017, due to financial constraints faced by the schools.
Copeland, who is also chairperson of the ENB education expo 2021, explained that a former secondary school teacher Collin Williams, who was the first PNG trained school counsellor and was attached to the Kokopo Secondary School, initiated the programme in 2006, pulling together a number of school counsellors to set up this programme which targeted mainly grade 12 students to help them with their choices on their school leaver forms.
Copeland said prior to the expo, representatives from tertiary institutions had to travel to provinces and visit individual schools to talk to students about course programmes offered at their institutions and also the education expo made it easier for institutions, and for students to attend a central venue to gather information from various tertiary institutions.
Copeland said the expo followed the Coronavirus (Covid-19) protocols.