ENB division uses new reform technology


THE East New Britain division of education is one step into the new reform technology called “My school application” (MSA).
According to the ENB education adviser Hubert Wangun, the Education Department, in 2017 developed the software MSA
He said the MSA rollout to provinces started last year and would end this year.
“The application is web-based and entirely depends on internet to send data, however, schools can enter data using live internet connection or and offline version where schools enter first and later connect to internet and send,” Wangun said.
He explained that, this could be accessed using android smart phones, tablets or computers.
Wangun also said schools would use the tuition fee free (TFF) funds to purchase a SIM card which needed to be registered under the school registered name.
“No personal phone number is allowed in the MSA that is because the department of Education shall communicate with the schools using the school registered number,” he said.
Wangun urged the school principals, head teachers and board of governors to use school TTF funds to purchase smart phones or tablets.

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