ENB families up by 15,000

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE number of households in East New Britain has increased by 15,000 since the last listing exercise in 2007.
Provincial census co­ordinator Komit Marari said there were now 59,000 households to be covered by 1306 interviewers led by 389 supervisors during the week-long enumeration period from July 11-17.
“A major factor that will determine the operations of the main enumeration is the weather, as an interviewer is capable of covering 40-60 houses in good weather,” Marari said.
He said that in isolated places like Pomio, “the listing exercise is expected to take longer, leading to the ratio being reduced to suit the workloads of the officers dispersed to the district next month”.
The second level training was completed last week, with the trainers now expected to run the third phase at the local level governments with two to three training venues scheduled for June 27 to July 1.
Marari said the trainers in the province were fortunate to have master trainer Michael Kaivepa from the National Statistical Office conducting the train of trainers (TOT) exercise last week
He said training materials for interviewers and supervisors were expected to arrive in the province this week.