ENB to probe affairs of provincial business arm


EAST New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga says a proper investigation will be conducted into the affairs of its business arm East New Britain Development Corporation.
He told the provincial assembly meeting on Thursday in Kokopo that a term of reference had been put in place for the investigation to start.
The governor said the investigation would look into the company’s affairs during the past 10 years.
The corporation board has appointed Isaac Minicus as its chairman.
Konga said the provincial executive council had never received any annual reports from the board in the past seven years since the company was incorporated.
“There was no dividend paid for the last seven years,” he said.
Its chief executive William Lamur has resigned.
“I appeal to us all that the provincial government business arm must grow,” the governor said.
“With the new board in place we will publicly advertise the position of the new chief executive officer.
“But let us not politicise this issue but try to work together for the business arm to serve the people.
“It is the pride of East New Britain and the longest serving entity.”

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