ENB wants curb on spending


THE East New Britain provincial administration will tighten its use of funds and resources in the second half of the year.
The three deputy heads of the provincial administration have been instructed to ensure funds are used to address only priority areas in the province.
Acting provincial administrator Wilson Matava made the undertaking at the second-quarter budget review programme last week.
Matava said the hiring of vehicles by public servants and overtime would be strictly managed.
Only emergency and technical officers would be considered for overtime while the hire of vehicles would be at the discretion of the district administrators.
Matava called on senior officers in the administration to practice financial discipline and to be more responsible in executing their responsibilities.
He called on local level government managers to collect business licence fees, taxes and outstanding fees to boost internal revenue for their LLGs.
The provincial human resources division has also been instructed to conduct a stock-take on the number of casual officers on the its payroll.
It will also take necessary measures to use available funds for the education and health sectors.

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