Enga govt enters deal for hydro-power project


Enga government, through its Enga Energy Investment Ltd, signed an agreement with the AG Energy Enga Ltd for a hydro-power project in Laigaip-Porgera district.
Work on the 13.6 megawatts project started two years ago and is expected to be in operation in two years’ time.
Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says frequent disruptions from the Ramu grid, from which Enga gets its electricity supply, will be a thing of the past.
“We are about to sign an agreement that is going to pave the way for a hydro project in Enga province located in the Laigaip-Porgera district,” Sir Peter said during a press conference last week in Port Moresby.
“This is a very exciting project for the province.
“People know that energy is a requirement for development.
“When you look at services like education, health, agriculture, even our village people’s standard of living, electricity or energy is a very important thing we need in life.
“We are presently hooked to the Ramu grid because we are located right to the end of the grid.
“We have had a lot of power blackouts in the province, and so we have always been looking for alternate power over the years.
“We are fortunate that we have already established an agreement with AG Energy, who will actually be partnering with us in doing this project.
“We feel that this is a very important project for the province which will contribute immensely to the development of the province.”
AG Energy Ltd managing-director Guo Chao said the company was happy to meet the expectations of Enga.
“It is a very great day for AG Energy,” he said.
“We started as the initiative of the governor some three years back.
“For me as a businessman, I have been here for 26 years.
“I am happy to have this new form of business as a partnership with the provincial government.
“It is a win-win case for the provincial government.
“My job is to deliver this project within time and budget, and to make it possible for the provincial government to deliver electricity in the province.”