Enga landslide report not received, says centre

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd May 2013


THE National Disaster Centre says it has not received reports on the recent landslide that has blocked an outlet to Lake Ivae at Surinki in the Lagaip-Porgera district, Enga. 

Acting director Martin Mose said the office was not told of the situation until The National approached him for comments yesterday. 

The landslide occurred on April 25 and since then the water level has been slowly rising to cover the surrounding land area to about 100m, according to reports filed by this paper.  

The situation has posed a threat on the communities because if the water is not drained out, it could burst its banks if the rain falls.  

Mose said he would speak to the Enga provincial disaster office to verify the situation. 

“I will advise the provincial disaster coordinator to liaise with the district administrator to file a report,” he said. 

“After we get a report we will send a team over. We will engage specialists to assess the situation and suggest ways on how we can manage it. 

“We must consider the volume of the water that is being trapped and how we can get it out without destroying lives and properties.  

“Also our teams have attended to predicament series of landslides at Wapenamanda but not Porgera.  

“The situation is new and also the area has not been covered by the officials.”