Tavurvur releases white vapour, ash

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd May 2013

 RESIDENTS of Rabaul town are experiencing the downfall of fine ash particles from Mt Tavurvur.

The Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO) said yesterday that Tavurvur continued to release thin to thick white to pale white vapour, sometimes laden with fine ash particles. 

The vapour emissions with fine ash particles were blown to the northwest by prevailing light to moderate southeast winds resulting in fine ash deposits in downwind areas including Rabaul town. 

Roaring and rumbling noises with varying noise levels continued throughout the reporting period.

Ash plumes rose to about 200m but the level of exposure form ash was very low.

RVO said seismicity was very low and there were no volcano-related low frequency earthquakes. 

It added that no high frequency volcano-tectonic earthquakes were recorded inside the caldera either.

RVO maintained activity at Tavurvur was expected to remain low but the continuing long-term inflationary trend, the open vent system and the roaring and rumbling noises was a good indication that the status of the volcano may change at short notice.