Enga sanctions probe on cheating scandal

National, Normal

The National,Monday 11th of February, 2013

AN inquiry into the alleged Grade 12 examination cheating has been told that it was normal procedure for the Enga education office to receive Grades 8, 10 and 12 examination papers from Port Moresby before being distributed to the schools.
However, the office did not receive last year’s Grade 12 examination papers, which were stored at a different location and distributed to schools under the guidance of the measurement services branch of the Education Department.
The inquiry is being conducted by former director of standards and guidance Gabriel Meapa and sanctioned by the Enga government.
It aims to find out whether the students at Wabag, Kopen and Pausa Secondary schools had cheated and to find out whether there was proper supervision of the examinations.
Education officials penalised 1,400 Grade 12 students from the three schools for the alleged offence.
Only 70 students were allowed to pursue further studies at universities.
Meapa, who has successfully carried out similar investigations at Kerevat and Aiyura National High schools, said the purpose of the investigation was to help the penalised students prove their innocence.
He said the investigation also aimed to deve­lop a strategy to prevent future cheating.
Meapa added that Enga police were also working with his team to ensure the investigation was done without any disturbance.