LLG sponsors best students

National, Normal

The National,Monday 11th of February, 2013

A LOCAL level government in East Sepik is taking the lead in sponsoring its best Grade 8 students to high schools in the province.
It is the brainchild of Turubu LLG president David Kausik who saw a need to assist in the upbringing of the best Turubu students so that they returned to help develop the LLG in future.
The initiative is certainly a boost for the children to excel in their learning and a relief to parents who are being faced with the mammoth fees charged by schools under the guise of project fees.
Parent Ignas Hageya, of Bagiman village and who received K500 from Kausik last Friday for his child who will do Grade 9 at Brandi Secondary, praised Kausik for the initiative which relieved him of the burden as he would now concentrate only on two others attending other high schools.
“Since 2002 when I got elected, I decided that the LLG assist in subsidising the fees for all Grade 8 dux students at all eight primary schools in the LLG,” Kausik said.
“We started giving out K250 each for the dux students until 2007 when we increased the assistance.
“I am doing this because I want to build the human resource for Turubu.
“It is my dream that among the students I am sponsoring, there will be an aircraft pilot for Turubu one day.”
A total of K3,000 in cash were distributed to parents of six dux students last week from six of the eight primary schools.
The other two schools did not have Grade 8 last year.
Kausik said starting this year, the best student from all the dux students would have his or her school fees fully paid by the LLG while the others still got K500.