Enga top cop warns against missusing cars

National, Normal

ENGA acting provincial police commander Chief Insp Martin Lakari has issued a warning to Kandep public servants to stop misusing government vehicles.
“These vehicles are bought for the official use of Kandep district.
“They are not for unofficial use or for driving around in Wabag town,” he said.
Chief Insp Lakari issued the warning on Monday after deploying 16 police personnel from Wabag to be based in Kandep to maintain law and order.
He said Kandep’s security was returning to normalcy with some public servants already resuming their normal duties in the beginning of the year.
“But some public servants posted to Kandep are giving false excuses to continue roaming about in Wabag town,” he said.
He said the local MP had initiated about K100 million worth of projects in the district and public servants must return to help implement the projects.
“The policemen in Wabag have been told to deal with any public servant from Kandep found misusing government vehicles,” he said.
A community leader from Muyan village in the Kandep local level government council, Robin Kurum Aipi, commended Chief Insp Lakari for taking quick action to deploy the policemen.
Mr Aipi told The National in Mt Hagen yesterday that the district was very quiet.
“Some public servants like teachers, health workers and district administration staff are carrying out their normal duties while few others are yet to return.
“The road is open and people are moving around freely without fear,” he added.