Enga tribes tell police and government agencies to be neutral

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

THE 14 tribes in Enga have called on police and other government agencies to remain neutral during the ongoing political crisis.
Tribes people from Lyaim, Sakalin, Porealin, Malipin, Irapuni, Awaini, Yanaini, Yakane, Lyipini, Depe, Pu­malin, Tinalapin, Kandero, and Sikini said Papua New Guinea had adopted a Westminster system of government and any decision made in parliament must be respected.
During a gathering in Wabag town last Friday, the people said parliament was the superior body that made important decisions for the country.
They said parliament was made up of elected members and if 72 members voted in the O’Neill-Namah government “then let it be”.
They said PNG was a democratic country ruled by the majority  
They said police personnel, other disciplinary forces and government bodies must remain neutral and continue to carry out their duties for the sake of stability.
He said that it was not good to see police officers take sides, with orders from two police commissioners.
One of the speakers, John Ipalia, said the legitimate government must take charge and continue to deliver goods and services.
Ipalia said the people only worried about the smooth flow of goods and services delivered by the government.
He said they did not want the political crisis to affect the delivery of goods and services.