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Marape tells schools not to turn away any student

PRIME Minister James Marape has instructed schools to enrol all children who turn up for the start of Term One today, irrespective of whether they have paid any fees.
“All children must be enrolled,” he said.
“Do not leave any child outside the classroom. Don’t worry about project fees which are charged at a rate of about 20 per cent of the total fee.”
He gave a cheque for K123 million to the Education Department last Friday to be paid into school bank accounts as part of the K486 million under the Government tuition fee subsidy policy.
“This (payment of K123m) will ensure that parents do not pay any school fees upfront,” he said.
“Parents are required to pay 37 per cent and I ask schools to ensure that parents are given time to pay the fees.
“We will try our very best to ensure that the funds for the second quarter are secured before the end of Term One.”
Marape hopes that the Government can pay the entire K486mil by July to ensure schools have funds right through and settle their expenses from last year.
Marape clarified that the payment is to cover the Flexible, Open and Distance Education (Fode) nationwide.
He called on principals of high and secondary schools, and provincial education advisers to assist students who have dropped out of the school system but want to continue their education.
“No child from elementary to vocational is to be turned away next (this) week because equally we are giving enough money to districts and provinces,” he said.
“District education advisers and provincial education advisers are asked to take stock of class sizes to ensure that classrooms are not over-crowded.
“Provincial governments must assist with infrastructure for elementary, primary and high schools/secondary schools.”
He reiterated his call for schools not to punish parents who are genuinely struggling.
“For every parent out there who are really struggling, especially those who are low-income earners, your districts and provinces will be given funds to assist you,” Marape said.
“Do not worry. All you have to do is go to your local district officers, inform them that you can’t meet the 37 per cent component and they should assist you.”
Education Minister Jimmy Uguro assured Marape that the department would ensure the effective and efficient delivery of education.
Uguro also urged parents to be responsible for their children’s education.
“Education is a shared responsibility and I call on parents to contribute by paying school fees,” he said.


  • I as a parent rsiding from the eastern part of Niu Ireland would like to coment the government of the day headed by Prime Minister James Marape to announce that all children has a right to education and they must all be enrolled, thankyou also for the subsidy that you also make mention of it’s timely, a credit to you and your government.

  • Thumbs up PM James Marape.. What a Brilliant idea. Covid-19 has handicapped many parents thru out the nation and I credit you for giving all students equal right to education. To all students please don’t take it as an opportunity to pass time and use social media, its time to mean business and give a good start for 2021 Academic year. I wish you all the best and please make your parents proud.

  • I am afraid this massage has not gone down well with some schools in Lae City. Primary schools and secondary schools has turned away some parents with their children as they are not taking transfers and children not within selected Elementary schools.

  • With this article circulated, it is an overwhelming relief for us as parents… But as I comment right now, my children had been turned away because of school fees. Just wondering if our honourable Prime Minister, James Marape’s directives is honoured in this manner. I also know that parents are to pay 32% and the government 68%. Correct me if I miss heard also this from our honourable Prime Minister, James Marape.

  • Thanks PM ,as a headmaster of my school here in middle fly region of vast Western Province am very grateful to what I have read ,you are a true leader ,we teachers are teaching another pm like you ,a pilot, a doctor or so please consider our pay packages also pm .thanks

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