Equip police with resources


CRIME in both rural and urban communities are on the rise.
Women and girls, including the elderly, are mostly the victims.
I believe these crimes would be reduced or stopped if the Government seriously look into it and come up with better solutions.
The Government should equip the Police Department with necessary equipment such as breathalyses for drugs and homebrew consumers test and scanners for homemade weapons or anything made of ion that could be used as a weapon.
On the other hand, prison camps are just like holiday camps where culprits go and relax; they are fed and accommodated by the victims’ tax contributions.
If a police officer takes in a suspect for drug and homebrew test and if the test comes out positive, tougher penalty should laid out.
The suggested penalty should be to remove one side leg for the drug and homebrew abusers.
The Government should pass this law in Parliament quickly to curb crimes. The root of all crime in cities, towns and communities are drug and homebrew abuse.
The tough penalty suggested is to remove one side leg of the abuser so they will never do it again.

Mark Talipa,
Madang/Wali land

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