Escapee, alleged bank robber takes the dock

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Bomana prison escapee, Kito Aso, who was recaptured by police near Morata in the nation’s capital two days ago, appeared before the Waigani Committal Court yesterday on charges of escaping from lawful custody.
Aso appeared before magistrate Fred Tomo for indictment, where he was told of his offence committed for escaping from lawful custody.
Mr Tomo adjourned the matter to next month for further hearing.
Aso was taken by Correctional officers back to be remanded at the Bomana maximum prison.
He was earlier convicted for his alleged involvement in the Madang BSP bank robbery along with alleged bank robbery mastermind, William Nanua Kapris.
They were regarded as high profile prisoners along with four others.
Aso escaped with Kapris and 10 others in the dramatic escape from the Bomana maximum prison unit.
Kapris appeared in court few weeks ago for possession of unlicenced fire arm.
He was found guilty of the charge and the matter was adjourned for further hearing.
Kapris will appear in court next Tuesday for the hearing.