Escapees may have trekked to Morobe

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TWO of the five Bomana jail escapees still at large after the Jan 12 “walkout” may have walked to Morobe province, via the Gulf province border.
Police involved in the special operations to recapture the 12 dangerous criminals believe that Greg Wava from Talasea, West New Britain province, who was given a life sentence, and Ben Nom from Kabwum, Morobe province, a remandee, were the two who were walked to Gulf province just before Easter, and while they were last sighted around Lelefiru, Gulf province, made a quick getaway before police could
catch up with them.
During Easter, police had set up camp at Malalaua where during the operations to watch out for the two fugitives, stumbled upon marijuana plants where a suspect was arrests and sentenced to four months in prison for cultivating dangerous drugs.
They said all possible backtracks into Central or NCD had been checked and ruled out as possible escape routes for Wava and Nom to take.
Although police sources could not state a possible route the two may have taken, or if they may have been sighted in remote Gulf and Morobe border villages, they believed the two might have followed the “Bulldog Track” into remote parts of Morobe province.
Meanwhile, police posts along the border stations and districts in Morobe province had been alerted.
Police sources said this operation was being effected at the moment without much public support.
The other three escapees are believed to still be in the NCD area and although police were on their tail it was difficult to get closer without the public support which had dried up in the past month.
Attempts to get comments from NCD Met Chief Supt Fred Yakasa, and Police Commissioner Gari Baki yesterday were unsuccessful.